Mental Illness Challenge

30 Days Mental Illness Awareness Challenge


Day 1:  What are your mental illnesses? Explain a little?

Day 2:  How do you feel about your diagnosis?

Day 3:  What treatment or coping skills are most effective for you?

Day 4:  What are the pro’s and con’s of having a mental illness or specific illness?

Day 5:  Do you believe nature, nurture or something else has an impact on mental health?

Day 6:  Do you have a family history of mental illness or mental health issues?

Day 7:  Do you think there are any triggers or patterns to how your illness affects you?

Day 8:  What age were you diagnosis at? At what age do you think your symptoms began?

Day 9:  What are some of the important events in your life that may have affected your mental illness for the worse or the better?

Day 10:  What is the best thing in regards to your mental illness?

Day 11:  What is the worst thing in regards to your mental illness?

Day 12:  What do you think about your diagnosis in general?

Day 13:  If you know the criteria of your illness. What ones do you meet? What are your most common symptoms?

Day 14:  Have you ever experienced stigma?

Day 15:  How has your life been affected by your illness? (Relationships, career, school)

Day 16:  How many people are you “out” to with your mental illness? Why?

Day 17:  If you could get rid of your mental illness would you? Why or Why not?

Day 18:  What do you wish people would understand in regards to mental illness and mental health?

Day 19:  Have you ever read a self-help book or a book related to psychology? What is your option on them? Do you have a favorite?

Day 20:  Where do you get your support?

Day 21:  Many people say stress triggers symptoms. Do you agree or disagree?

Day 22:  What is your opinion on medication used to treat mental illness?

Day 23:  What is your opinion on therapy?

Day 24:  What is your opinion on alternative treatment that’s not commonly used? (Hypnotherapy, herbal, vitamin supplements, massage therapy, art, music)

Day 25:  What is your opinion on someone being forced into mental health treatment?

Day 26:  How is your day to day life affected?

Day 27:  Explain a “good” day?

Day 28:  Explain a “bad” day?

Day 29:  What are a few goals’s regarding your mental health?

Day 30:  What does recovery mean to you?


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